About the DDS Health Toolkit

The DDS Health Toolkit is a new website managed by the California Department of Developmental Services. The site is focused on providing information and tools related to health and safety for self-advocates, direct support professionals, and vendors or providers. Stay tuned as we add new topics, tools, and information throughout the year! If you have a suggestion about a future topic or a question about this website, please contact us.

About the California Department of Developmental Services 

The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) ensures that Californians with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to lead independent, productive lives in their community of choice. DDS oversees the coordination and delivery of services to more than 330,000 individuals who have cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, and related conditions through a network of 21 regional centers and state-operated facilities. 

Ensuring Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities are safe and healthy.

Our Mission

The purpose of DDS Health Toolkit is to ensure that Californians with developmental disabilities are safe and healthy. With this in mind, we provide resources to three audiences directly involved in mitigating the risk of special incidents and other events for Californians with developmental disabilities: self-advocates, direct support professionals (DSPs), and vendors or providers. We hope that all three audiences will find the information on this site relevant, practical, and engaging.


Lanterman Act 

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, authored by Assemblyman Frank D. Lanterman, went into effect in California on July 1, 1969. This act is the foundation on which all services to individuals with developmental disabilities living in California are built. The Lanterman Act helped establish the central role of the state’s 21 regional centers, which is to serve as “fixed points of contact in the community for persons with developmental disabilities and their families, to the end that these persons may have access to the services and supports best suited to them throughout their lifetime.” The Lanterman Act provides the philosophical underpinnings for the regional center system, as well as the regulatory mandate.

For the full text of the Lanterman Act, visit the Department of Developmental Services website.