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Learn the Basics

This icon usually would go with the first item, which has an introductory slide deck and companion tip sheet. Each group should have the X position of 0px. The first item begins with the Y position of 300px. Headings and paragraphs should have the X position of 75px. The paragraphs should be right up against the textbox for the heading. The buttons should be 147px wide and in the X position of 832 so that it's right against the center border. For a heading that has both a slide deck and companion tip sheet, the left set of buttons should be have the X position of 657px (75px less than the right set).

Person-Centered Activity

Each item should have a Y position that is 75px apart from the previous item. For example, the first item starts at Y 330px and is 218px high. Therefore, this item should have the Y position of 623px (= 330 + 218 + 75). If the buttons get detached as you add text, each button's Y position is 50px more from the previous (including the button's height of 40px).

Fact Sheet or Tip Sheet

At the top of each group, each top item should match the Y position of the group. I.e., the icon, heading, and top button should have the same Y position.

Tool, e.g., Worksheet/Checklist

All icons (besides the pencil/paper icon for "Learn the Basics") should have the dimensions of W: 57 H: 68. The pencil/paper one should be W: 69 H:57.

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